Our Crew

Without our amazing crew, none of our adventures would be possible. The "Best in the West" in all they do, our crew work hard to bring you safe and fun adventures each day.

Ken Davis

Ken Davis, Crew Chief

This guy sure is handy.

He finds projects to better AOW, that AOW didn't even know could be improved. And all we do is improve AOW.

Either way he is good to have around. He's rafted every river in the west and chased ballons in more places than Captain Gee Dub. He recently added Jeep Driver to his list of talents and he is top notch.

AC Bio

Student Pilot

A.C Hawkinson 2005-

Andy .....aka "Eye Candy Andy" has the ladies shaken when they climb on board his balloon ride.

If it wasn't for his age he'd be Crew Chief already but the ladies say, "younger the better."

Andy has skills that can only be obtained from years of careful handling. If you hear something odd coming from the back of the van, thats just Andy performing a routine Sniff test.


balloon cartoon



balloon cartoon



balloon cartoon



Brian Bio


Active duty status... Chief 1996-

Brian was lookin for a little more adventure than the US Army could provide. So he had a few kids, and is now on the Out West Adventure.

A quick learner, he ain't about to pull that rope so hard next time. He saves his Crew Chief status for special days in the field and at home.


Laura Loo Bio

Laura Loo

Bound in the Office 2005-

Our rockin' office manager, Laura is a Colorado Springs native and is the friendliest crew member for Adventures Out West.

She plays the banjo, so don't be suprised if she starts a' pluckin' early in the morning.

Without Laura, we'd really be in a pickle.

Larry Bio

Movin on up, Crew Chief

Larry...aka "Whitey" is a native New-Yorker who's done it all over the years. He loves getting up early to crew our big balloons in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and South Park.

Friendly as they come, Larry works hard to show guests the time of their life.

He may even teach you a yoga pose if yer a good tipper!

Paul Graham Bio

Paul Graham - Man of many hats

Aka: Hollywood....This guy's got his hands in so many things we can't keep track of him!

You'll find him drivin jeeps at the Garden of the Gods, rompin in the high country AOW style, driving a balloon rig out to the field, answering phones, or designing our website.

You may even see him sliding face first through a field after trying to pull too hard on the crown line. "That's not water skiing yer doin' Paulie! How those weeds tastin?!"

Seanza Bio

West Coast Crew Chief -Sean

He didn't want a job, he wanted an adventure. So he got one.

Always on time and quick with a smoke.

In his part time he earns free golf by skipping around the balloon baskets.

Check out his time lapses on you tube, Tubenater