Our guides are here to help you have the best Adventure Out West!

Billy Joe

BILLY JOE- 17 years with AOW

Billy's our wise-crackin', golly gee wizzin' driver who is about as Western as a sunset, now that's sayin' sumthin'.

Billy's an Oakie who made his way to Colorado via Arizona and California. He's acted in many a movie, t.v. show and commercial. You can see him in Tombstone alongside Kurt Russel, in Billy the Kid alongside Val Kilmer, and if you look hard enough you can even see him in one of the famous Capitol One "What's in your wallet" commercials!

Make sure you ask Billy about his Harley named King David. Billy says, "I love it when I fire up my bike and ride down to the corral for a day of Jeep Tourin' in the Rockies!"

Denim Bio


DENIM- 10 years

Denim is our resident Mountain Man. Ask him about that. As our resident historian he actually "Knows more history than ever happened around here." You can find him on any of our tours, including Segways. If you want non-stop information, he's your man.


With 20 years in the Air Force, 14 years in Elementary Education and a lifetime in Hot air Ballooning, he has more stories then you have time.



Smiley- 5 years

aka Old St. Nick

This old cowboys been hangin around Cheyenne Mountain for 60 years. He may be new to AOW but NORADs been trackin him for years.

When Smiley's not showin guests the splendor of the West he's dabling in fine art and fulfilling Christmas wishes. Smiley's been been helpin out the world with many philanthropic projects and continues to watch over his family's ranch in Wray Colorado.

He is especially fond of the Denver Jeep tours.



WHITEY- 10 years

Whitey's high school classmate, Earl Westbrook, says "Whitey is also a great athlete. When we were in school, he was the fastest runner on our football team. He was also the most feared kicker in the league. You should ask him to do his impersonation of Elvis. All he needs is the music & a broom!!!

Whitey spends his free time skiing the Rockies and perusing yard sales for limited edition books. He keeps young by attending Yoga classes at the YMCA. Ask him about his home in upstate New York.

Texas Tom


TEXAS TOM- 10 years

TEXAS TOM, formerly and aka Tombstone Tom, aka Mr. Frazier.

Call him what you want but he saved the day Denim tried to make a new trail in the high country, crazy D.

Tommy is retired from the school district. He spends his free time with all his big boy toys from the water to the snow and high country huntin. Hes got all the gadgets.

Make sure you ask him about pick-up trucks.

Okie dokie!.....says Tom.

Annie Oakley



Annie is the only LADY that can put up with the Posse. She has paients and humor and a large bag of salt to take what the other drivers put out.

She may look like your Grandmother, but don't cross her. She's quick to tell you where you stand, ususally on the side of a Colorado Mountain. The boss likes her because she keeps the roudies in line.

A tour with her will be plesant and fun.



CONCHO- 4 years

Traded his horse for a Jeep and now rides for the AOW brand. He's wandered the west from Phoenix to Colorado ridin, ropin and wranglin. His new heard of Colorado tourist is sure to twist him up but Concho says, "Aint no filly I can't train."

Buffalo Phil



If anyone ever had a checkered past it's Buff. Editor of the Cripple Creek Newspaper, (no truth to rumor he was the 1st), News video photographer and does he have the stories!

A ride with old Buffalo will definatley give you a lot to talk about later, and it won't be just the roads he'll take you on.



HOLLYWOOD- 5 years

We have not verified his credentials but he claims to come from the Sunset Coast. Those flashy sunglasses earned him the nickname when Billy Joe declared, "Where d'ya think you are boy, Hollywood?!" Watch the video. Enough said. Good luck on this tour straight out of the movies.

Drover Bio


DROVER- 4 years

Red Rover, Red Rover send DROVER right over.

What kind of a name is that?

Don't much matter though cuz he's gonna make sure you laugh. More clown than cowboy, this critters also Handy Andy.

Part Ballooner and Part Mechanic nothin's gonna stop runnin when Drovers on the trail....cept maybe that bull chasin ya!

Whoop Snake


WOOP SNAKE- 17 years

We're not entirely sure how he got the name WHOOP SNAKE, but we know who gave it to him...the last man who slapped him around.

He'll take a beatin' for the company and he'll give one out from time to time as well.

You might also hear him yellin' out his trademark "WOOOOOOOOOP!" When he yells it out, the ladies come a runnin' just like mice to the pied piper! Woooooooooooooooooop!

Greg calls his tour Fact or Fiction?

Twister Bio


TWISTER- 12 years Off and On

We was wonderin where Twister went off too. Turns out he was makin a family in Castle Rock, tryin to keep up with the Colorado Kid. 4 is the lucky number, Praise Jesus he said.

When he's not runnin the high country or cleanin baby diapers you can keep up with the Rocky Mountain Meat Hunter and get some good gear.