For over 35 years, we have had the best pilots in the industry. With a collective total of over 89 years experience we continue to provide safe enjoyable fun for our guests.

Bruce Wellens

Bruce Wellens - Total Years: 35

Bruce is the company founder and pilots one of our many balloons every chance he gets. There were only 200 balloons in the world in 1973, when he and his wife, Patty, borrowed $12,000 and ordered their first balloon from Raven Industries. Piloting balloons is special because we share a "first-time experience" with hundreds of people each year. In the past 30 years, I have flown movie stars and even farmers I picked up from their fields on the spur of the moment. Floating slowly over the countryside gives a person a unique feeling of exploration with the world passing under your feet. Everyone remembers their first balloon flight, even if they forget their first date."


Terry Cleaveland - Total years: 14

For the past 14 years Terry has been flying the Colorado circuit. Terry started his career as a glider pilot and then moved into ballooning when looking for more of a challenge. "I love flying. The mornings in Colorado Springs always offer an interesting flight experience. Some days we fly over a 727 taking off and others we're skimming the rock in Castle Rock." Terry flies for fun as ballooning is just a hobby... his real career keeps him busy selling eye glasses to the folks of Colorado Springs. His third job and favorite hobby is being a DAD six times over.

Greg Wellens

Greg Wellens - Total years: 7

Our youngest pilot and owner of the company, Greg has been flying for 7 years and has been chasing balloons in the family business for 35 years. Greg loves flying in all the locations served by Adventures Out West. On his off days, Greg preferes to be testing the limits of hot air balloons including flying to 21,000 feet and hops over Pikes Peak. Greg says, "Fun, fun, fun chasin' balloons in the sun. See you in the air."