Enjoy using these quality easy to use stickies for all your marketing needs and personal enjoyment!

Stickie Balloons

Turn any garment into a team uniform in seconds. Stickie backed emblems are an extremely affordable option for any merchandising need.

These are very sticky and will adhere to most surfaces including clothing, metal tanks and vehicles, glass, leather, suit cases, signs, friends and enemies. Stick'em on hard and they will last through the wash. Stick'em light and they are removable from shirts with no residue.

(Not responsible for resulting glue stuck on expensive clothes of whiny people.)

Quotes for stickies are available at no cost.

Quote: will include manufacture cost, shipping and processing fee.

Price: $.18-$.35 per item depending on final size. 500 is minimum order.

Shipping: $50.00 per order. (Two mailings are involved in this product.)

Fee: $50.00 for artwork ready logos and balloons. $100.00 for stickies that need artwork created.

We can make good stickies from good photos of balloons. Prices very by design and emblem size. 2 inches is a recommended size. More detailed balloons need a larger size.

After a quote is supplied, an embroidered sample will be made with a $30.00 deposit. This fee is part of the total cost. If you choose not to proceed the $30.00 is non-refundable. Turn around time is about 1.5 months. We work on the stickies during the winter months.

Much cheaper than a balloon pin!

AOW may use your balloon in its next ad in ballooning. Please advise if you do not want it used.

Email your artwork and balloon photo to

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