ADVENTURE is...flying the whirlybird...Out West!

Kootenay Rockies, Nakusp BC

Powderhounds:   Here is your Heli-ski Adventure!
January 24-28/29th 2020.

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Kootenays Rockies, Nakusp BC
CMH Signature Trip in Bell 212 Heli 
$5985.00 Canadian includes TAX   x  Exchange Rate of .77 = $4608.45 US  (google search, graph of Canadian dollar to US$.  The lowest its been in 5 years was $.69 and $.77 seems about average.)  Single room supplement US$247 additional.
Deposit is before tax and estimated at 20% of $4380.00 = $876.00.  We will pay $1000 even to keep it easy and adjustable for exchange rate fluxuation over the next two weeks.  Your CMH receipt will show the full value when applied on October 15th (Booking

Danny owning the Kootenays.


Deposit due OCTOBER 10, $1000.00 

Final payment due 12 weeks before your trip. 
Transportation to and from the Lodge is not included.  Estimate $1000  round trip to Spokane WA and your share of a rental car.


Click on the link to make your credit card payment through Adventures Out West or Drop off a check at 1680 s. 21st st.  Colorado Springs, CO 80904.  I will send you an email 

confirmation for the deposit.  You will receive an email confirmation showing the the deposit from CMH after the October 15th reservation date.
Select the CMH Heli-Ski Trip,  Quantity of guests. Some additional * items are is required for the system to process a card. 

The trip is limited to 22 (17 SPOTS remain) people.  More spots in the Small Group program are available for an increased fee.  I have listed that pricing info below for discussion sake if we have more interest.   Kootenay Jan 24-28, 2020 4-day US$5909, as of today, twin room Small Group (3 groups of 5 in a Bell 407)  
From our meeting at Norris Penrose, As discussed good fitness and an ability and knowledge of powder skiing Is most important.
Pre-trip ski adventure to Beaver Creek in February for the Talons Challenge charity ski day is recommended. (2019 dates to be announced)
I will modifiy the email blast list after the deposits received.  The rest will be left out of the loop.


Thank you,

Captian Gee Dub



Johnny Burried

Listed here is info from CMH regarding your trip and info needed at booking.  Adventures Out West will collect the deposits and book the trip.  CMH will follow up with email confirmation and ask for all your personal details. 


Kootenay Jan 24-28, 2020 Signature skiing (3 groups of 11 in a Bell 212)*
*one of the 3 groups in the Bell 212 that week will be the Steep Shots and Pillow Drops program. This group typically takes more time per run, which means more skiing for the two Signature groups which will be made up of your two teams 

I recommend trip cancellation/medical insurance. You can use our partner Uniglobe or someone else. Please also be aware of our cancellation policy
Travel Itinerary

Stu in the Avy Pit

Jan 24 Fly to Spokane WA and Drive rental vehicle to The Lodge at Arrow Lakes in Nakusp, BC, arriving by around 5:00 PM PSTDriving directions from Spokane is approximately 4-5 hours.

Jan 28 Drive to Nelson or Spokane or other area hotel as desired after skiing. Spend the night.
Jan 29  Fly from Spokane.
Contact Info Needed for Everyone who hasn’t skies with CMH before (New: we need height and weight for everyone now before the trip, for safety rea

Typical Run

Cell phone
Date of birth
Height and weight
Dietary requirements, if any

Medical conditions, if any
• We Are CMH. Peruse our website, including our pricing and everything else.
• Videos (these are some of my favorites):
  Take Flight (2 min). A taste of the experience.
     Deep Days at CMH K2 (1.5 min). Can you say deeeeeep powder?? 
So in the end it is about $5500.00 total. 
Not bad and you can always pay more if you want.
Here we GO!
Captain Gee Dub

That was SO AWESOME!

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