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Western Jeep Tours

An AOW Jeep Tour in Colorado is a memory for a lifetime.  Hundreds of thousands of satisfied guests have toured Colorado with us.  Our Cowboy guides and one-of-a-kind vehicles will ensure your adventure will be fantastic. 

AOW is the premier Jeep Tour company in Colorado.  Why?  All vehicles are custom built with the customer experience as our #1 design criteria.  For 25 years we have toiled to create the perfect tour vehicle.  High visibility, easy access, guest comfort and vehicle reliability are second to none (and we watch them all).  Our vehicles are one of a kind and built to make your experience one of a kind.   Depending on the tour booked and guest loads, AOW will choose the tour Jeep that best fits your needs.  Our largest Jeep can carry 10 guests, but online booking is restricted to 5 guests.  If you have a party larger than 5, please call our office to schedule your adventure.  We can accommodate up to 60 people per tour.  Our modified vehicles do not offer as much protection as a traditional vehicle.  The open sides and canvas top offer exposure to both the elements and other vehicles.  Our Jeeps carry wool blankets, rain ponchos, and emergency water and snacks.  Most jeeps have heated seats just for you as an AOW exclusive. Guest should dress in layers and wear sunscreen.   Jeep Tours are regulated by the State of Colorado.  Seat belts and Car seats are not required but are recommended.  Please bring your own car seat if you need it. This is wind in your hair fun and adventure.  You might get wet!

Our staff is rated exceptional.  Our Team members are both seasoned and well trained.  Guides and reservationists strive to provide an unmatched experience and they do it well.  From rookie to elder statesman our team is dedicated to creating a memorable experience for you.

You can book online with confidence, or call our office for any specific questions, custom tour needs or Group tour inquiries.  Our ideal customer reads the entire website before they call where many of their questions are answered.  Summers are busy so please be patient, book online or request a phone call with one of our Adventure Concierge.

Our tours take place in the great outdoors and are subject to the whims of God the Father.  Remote locations, high elevations rough roads, construction and other unforeseen circumstances can and do affect the outcome of tours. Our experienced guides are authorized and trained to make tour adjustments for your safety and enjoyment.  Please be prepared for an awesome adventure in the Colorado Rockies.

Custom tours are available at our Charter Tour rate.  Call for details and design your own adventure.

Adventures Out West is a Permit Holder of the Pike National Forest and is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider. 


foothills jeep tour - Cheyenne Canyon Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Foothills

$98 per adult. $68 per child under 12 years old.


$450 – Private Jeep charter.

Your GOG Foothills Tour highlights Colorado Springs most well-known landmarks: the Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Canyon, Helen Hunt Falls and Manitou Springs.  Colorado History, Railroad Tunnels and amazing scenery will provide an adventure you’ll never forget.

2 .5 hrs


Tour Details








Our most popular Jeep tour.  This historic sight-seeing adventure is a great way to enjoy and learn about the Pikes Peak region! Our entertaining and informative cowboy guides take you on a journey through time in the foothills of Pikes Peak.  The tour highlights western scenery and some of Colorado Springs’ most famous historical sights. Attractions include North Cheyenne Canyon, (Helen Hunt Falls – Closed through May 2021), the Shortline Railroad and its 100-year-old tunnels, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, and the spectacular red rock park, Garden of the Gods. In our open-air Jeeps, your photo opportunities are unobstructed! This tour is about 70% on paved roads and 30% on dirt and is offered year-round. Includes wool blankets, rain ponchos, emergency water and snacks, and the best cowboy Jeep guides in The West!!

Due to the growing popularity of these locations, the ability to stop and get out may be restricted.  Your guides will their best to provide photo stops and leg stretching opportunities as they present themselves.

On charter tours, your western tour guide will take you to all the best sights in the area, and you can choose to substitute other areas to make the perfect adventure. Some additional options are portions of Pikes Peak, the Olympic Training Center, Red Rock Canyon, Old Colorado City, or choose your own.

Our guide was great and the scenery amazing…

Eric W

Pikes Peak or Bust, Summit Tour

$149 per person.


$600 Private Jeep Charter.

4 hour tour.

Click on our Pikes Peak Summit link for further information.

Americas Mountain is AOW’s top tour!

All inclusive

  • Wool lap blankets
  • Heated seats
  • Summit Coats
  • Emergency supplies (Water and snacks)
  • All Hwy Fees
  • Views for 100 miles


Tour Details


$149 per person

$600 Charter Rate

See all of America’s mountain on this adventure to 14,110′! The tour is offered in the mornings to take advantage of the best views and weather Pikes Peak can offer.   Your cowboy Jeep guide will make you feel right at ease on this Highway to the Clouds. The 19-mile drive reaches the summit where you will delight and soak in the extraordinary view that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write “America the Beautiful”!  After spending some quality time at the top, we’ll climb back into our open-air Jeep and descend this famous mountain. Nineteen miles of historic Rocky Mountain roads bring you back to Colorado Springs.  Includes heated rear seats, wool lap blankets, a souvenir tubie and use of our Columbia Summit Parkas.  Not to mention the best cowboy Jeep guides in The West!!

Please visit our Pikes Peak Summit link for additional information.

I had done Pikes Peak before but this tour was way better because I could watch the scenery instead of the road.

Shauna S

high country

Old West High Country 4x4 Tour

Pike National Forest Off-Road Adventure.

Our High Country Tour is full of Aspens, Pines and Great vistas.

$149.00 adult or $99 Child

3 hrs. Weekdays Only

(Half day upgrade with lunch, Charter rate $699)


Tour Details





You’ve struck it rich on this 3-hour tour through the Pike National Forest to spectacular Cathedral Park. 

Need more adventure?  Upgrade to a 1/2 day Charter through the mining town of Cripple Creek with lunch in Historic Victor.


A High-Country Jeep Tour is the epitome of Colorado Adventure.  Since the 1850’s explorers have traversed Pikes Peak in search of Gold and a better life.  Your tour will highlight this history and follow the Short Line Railroad.   President Teddy Roosevelt once embarked upon this route proclaiming, “The scenery bankrupted the English language.”  Our Forest Service Permit allows us to go off-road, cross streams, explore tunnels and visit townsites of the Old West.  Plan 3-3.5 hours and dress appropriately for this awesome adventure into the Colorado High Country.  This tour only runs on weekdays to give you the best possible experience.



Cathedral Park- 1892 and 2018



This is a Railroad Buffs dream tour through history.


“This scenery bankrupts the English language” 

Teddy Roosevelt

Jeep and Horseback Combo

$159 per guest

Our cowboy Jeep guide will take you on a scenic journey to the Old Stage Riding Stables for a one-hour mountain horseback ride! Enjoy the beauty of the historic Old Stage Road from an open-air Jeep and let the AOW vehicle take the wear and tear.


2.5-3 hrs

Tour Details

Take in the splendor of historic Old Stage Road from an open-air Jeep!! Our cowboy guide will take you on a scenic journey to the Old Stage Riding Stables for a one-hour mountain horseback ride!! You will feel like an early explorer as your horse carries you through the rugged grandeur of the Pike National Forest. Relax and take in the stunning alpine overlooks and breathe in the fresh Rocky Mountain air. You may even get to see buffalo and elk!! Following the horseback ride, our cowboy Jeep guide will enlighten you with tales of the Old West as we return to town. The best of both worlds; experience the modern 4×4 Jeep adventure, then ride on horseback like the cowboys did, all along some of the same trails from back during the Gold Rush! This is an awesome adventure. Try it for yourself!

The road to the stables is rough.  Some people turn back.  Let our AOW 4×4 take on the road so you can focus on the fun.

Sample itinerary
7:35 AM – Check-in for your tour.
7:50 AM – Depart AOW HQ.
8:00 AM – Arrive at the Broadmoor Hotel.
8:30 AM – Arrive at the stables for check-in.
9:00 AM – Hit the trail for a 1-hour scenic ride.
10:00 AM – Feed the horses and share awesome stories.
10:40 AM – Return to the Broadmoor.
10:50 AM – Return to AOW HQ.

We decided to add a little adventure to our lives and the Jeep and Horseback tour was perfect.  Let AOW do the driving.

Terry C

The Circuit Rider Faith Tour

$450 – Private Jeep Charter. Up to 5.5 guests or 950 lbs total.

A spiritual journey through time with AOW’s own Circuit Rider.  See, learn and experience the unique Christian history of Colorado Springs on this empowering tour.

3 hrs

You must call to book this adventure.

Tour Details

Pioneering ministers of the West were known as Circuit Riders.  Some rode horses and others used skis but all carried the Word of the Lord.  Our city founder General Palmer laid the foundation for Colorado Springs on biblical principals.  Free land for churches and strict rules against alcohol, his city was to be fit for the King.

Your tour will see many of the magnificent churches built around our town as well as the Castle of General Palmer.  Time for fellowship, reflection and fun, fills the tour schedule. All trips include the stunning overlook of Garden of the Gods.

This tour is by reservation only and not available on Sundays.


Joyce C

Exclusive Charter tour Experience

The AOW Charter is the best way to ensure your Colorado Experience is all yours.  Charter a Jeep and pick your own path, own location and own memories.   The Jeep Charter is available on our Pikes Peak or Bust, Garden of the Gods Foothills or High-Country Jeep Tour.  We also offer a full day charter that can take you to the Royal Gorge Region.

Each Jeep Charter can carry up to 6 people as long as the combined weight is under 950lbs.  If you have a larger group, please call our office to schedule. We have larger vehicles and or multiple vehicles to handle your team.  A sur charge will apply for groups over 6 people or 950 lbs.

Whatever your destination, AOW has you covered.

Garden of the Gods Foothills Jeep Tour     $450   3 hours

High Country Old West Jeep Tour              $550   4 hours

Pikes Peak Summit Jeep tour                    $600   5 hours

Royal Gorge Region. All Day.                     $950   9 hours

Group Jeep Tours

AOW offers customized adventures for you and your team.  Family Reunions, Corporate Team building, Scavenger Hunts, Unique Party Transfers…. AOW has your needs covered.  Our online bookings are limited to 5 guests to ensure safe loading.  If you have a party of 6 or more, please call our office to schedule your tour.  Our fleet can carry up to 100 people depending on the time of day.

Call us for more information.


Environmental Fee

Adventures Out West has a 4% Environmental fee to help support Partners and Friends of AOW!

Our Recipients



And many more!

 Thank you Adventures Out West for all your generosity 


Aerionna W

Meet Our Guides


Denim is our story teller .He” knows more history then has ever happened here” Between the military, elementary school education, and being a tour guide, the stories never stop. You will have a unique tour with our old man Denim. Your entertainment is his 1st priority and he never stops. Watch out for the biggest cowboy hat you have ever seen

Buffalo Phil

If anyone ever had a checkered past it's Buff. Editor of the Cripple Creek Newspaper, (no truth to rumor he was the 1st), News video photographer and does he have the stories!

A ride with 'ol Buffalo will definitely give you a lot to talk about later, and it won't be just the roads he'll take you on.


Traded his horse for a Jeep and now rides for the AOW brand. He's wandered the West from Phoenix to Colorado ridin, ropin and wranglin. His new herd of Colorado tourists are sure to twist him up but, Concho says, "Ain't no filly I can't train".


Ridge Runner is the type of fella who'll go out in search of adventure. He got his name from dancing along the ridges of mountains (He literally runs across them).

When he's not spending his time growing out a beard to help compensate for his lack of body fat he's rescuing dogs and keeping the tours rollin' at the Garden of the Gods.


Whipper has a plethora of talents, he's one of our big actors. If you want to take a Spencer Penrose tour in the classic Cadillac he'll be the one to  you in the history. Just don't get one his bad side- he's got the fastest whip in the old West!


You'll always know Dutch is going to enter a room when you see his little sidekick Chainsaw scout out the area first. Though he keeps company with the smallest and least threatening dog in the whole western hemisphere, Dutch is a true wheeler and dealer. He knows more about cars and restaurants than any other man alive. He'll always bring a smile to your face with his heartfelt stories.

If you need advice on buying a car or want to know the secrets of the restaurant business, Dutch is your man!

Annie Oakley

Annie is the only LADY that can put up with the Posse. She has patience and humor and a large bag of salt to take what the other drivers dish out.

She may look like your Grandmother, but don't cross her. She's quick to tell you where you stand, usually on the side of a Colorado Mountain. The boss likes her because she keeps the rowdies in line.

A tour with her will be pleasant and fun.

Eagle Rock



Dakota the Snow bird from Arizona, He has been driving for 4 Years!


Tumbleweed is known as the old west Gunslinger yeehaw! He is also an actor and has been in a few movies! Tumbleweed has been driving with AOW for 5 years!


Hawkeye is a retired High school teacher, who has been working for AOW for 6 Years!


Webster’s Dictionary of Maverick, 1: an unbranded range animal; especially: a motherless calf or, 2: an independent person who refuses to follow the usual standards or customs of the group. Take your pick, they both describe this guide. Maverick came to AOW from back East, and as far as we can tell he spent much of his misspent youth sneaking onto, and then getting kicked off of numerous Riverboat Casinos up and down the Mississippi. All we really know about Maverick is he has a love of history, and a passion for having fun. If you are seeking a unique experience, this is your guide.


Teddy Su


"He's the talk of the town. A cowboy, gunslinger, tornado-rider and folk hero! The Pecos kid is the wild west's fastest trigger finger! Faster than a duck on a June bug. He's the roughest toughest son of a gun you know. This ole boy drives the meanest cattle, rides a wild mustang, spits fire, chews bullets and shows up to a gun fight with his fists. He ties barbed wire without gloves and rides rank world champion bulls for 16 seconds. Pecos is so fierce he could light a Marlboro red before it even leaves the pack. With eyes narrowed by the western sun, he can shoot a rattler dead eye from 1,000 yards all while dry shaving with a dull knife. Death fears this cowboy and death fears nothing.


Tasha AKA(Cookie)
Cookie has lived in Colorado Springs since 1984. She has lived in the Black Forest area for 24 years. She has had a 15 year culinary career with fantastic opportunities as a pastry Chef for Woodmore Country Club, owning a food truck, "The Colorado Café", cooking at a remote fishing lodge in Alaska and cooking for a family in Norway! She has a complete love of history and has expressed several times the love of being a Jeep tour guide. Cookie is also the AOW Hospitality Ambassador!



I took the name "Queen" due to my interest in our Colorado Springs founding family, General William Palmer and his wife Mary Lincoln Mellen "Queen" Palmer.

This area has fascinating history, full of colorful stories. The people were adventurers and that's what I wanted to relate to our guest!



Swifty AKA the mouth of the Rockies has been with AOW since 2017. The aerial Swift is the fastest bird flying in the Garden of the Gods at 105 mph. Swifty is a former play-by-play hockey announcer at Colorado College. He has called Manitou Springs home for 43 years and an extensive background in marketing and sales.




                                              Sketch is the creative, fun, artistic man behind all of our wonderful caricatures! Sketch has been driving with AOW for 5 Years!





Mustang Sally

A true local yocal and Cowgirl at heart.  She used to be stuck in a rut passing legal documents with a fancy master's degree from the university.  But out west, tourism was in her blood, passed down from her momma.  "I was set free when I rescued my two mustangs (wildhorses), saddled up and rode through the front door of AOW just like Spencer Penrose at the Antlers.  My favorite place is the great outdoors and I love to show my guests our beautiful area. I enjoy camping with the stars overhead and singing the Blues with my English born husband. He sings a little funny but once you get to understandin' his accent, he's a real cute hoot."  Words of advice: Best to keep yer pistols holstered. I've been known to put a hole in a bullseye a MILE away!

Prairie Dog

The world-famous P-DOGG started driving tours in 2016 while studying Music Composition, Filmmaking, and Photography at the University of Colorado.  He is passionate about history, fine clothing, and anything that's Made in the US of A.  He's always ready to crack a joke, tell a story (embellishment costs extra), and lead you rip-roaring into the beautiful Colorado mountains!  And take it from him: driving up a winding dirt road is a surer wake-up than any cup of coffee could be.  He knows where the best picture spots are, so keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready.  A passionate 35mm film photographer, he has been making a photo project about Jeep tours, modern cowboys, and the Colorado tourism industry for several years now: if you find yourself on the wall of a gallery someday you know who to blame for it!  IG: @thefamouspdog


He's quicker than a rattlesnake strike with his shooter.  As a professor of the West, Sidewinder will educate and entertain you with the spirit of a grade school history teacher.  Native American Sign language and lore, Colorado History from mining and Railroads to ranching and geology, this former teacher has a delivery only matched by the famous bite of the rattlesnake.  His classroom is the great outdoors where he trains our drivers and educates our guests.  Rumor has it that a Jeep ride with Sidewinder is even better than recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Santa Fe


Santa Fe – born in Massachusetts, arrived in Colorado Springs with my wife & 3 children back in the Spring of ’73. Worked in a blacksmith’s shop shaping iron and shoeing horses (farrier). Became self-employed for 43 years in various occupations, always looking for my fortune. Bought an old gold mine, 10 acres and a cabin. Mine had been sprinkled with around $5,000 in real gold. Mine was full of pyrite (fool’s gold). It was a bad investment!  Member of the Colorado Cowboys Church for Jesus.  I took on with the AOW outfit as a jeep tour guide in the Spring of 2019.


Cougar is a third generation native of Colorado Springs. Through high school and after college he helped run his families printing and publishing business. After 20 years he left the business to pursuit an exciting career as a Jeep Guide with AOW. The opportunity came about to be the Curator of The Penrose Heritage Museum and  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Experience in 2007. Cougar is a former SCCA Pro Rally racer and has been involved with The Pikes Peak Int Hill Climb. After seeing is ole Cowboy and Cowgirl buddies driving guests by the museum and having fun he longed to come back as a Jeep guide. Back for the second time Cougar knows his history but you have to keep an eye on Cougar because just like the "wild cat" he's named after he can be sly and mischievous. But most of the time Cougar is as cuddly as a kitten.



Smokey comes to us from Apache Junction, AZ where he did desert Jeep tours for 9 years; spinning yarns as he educated and entertained people with his humorous presentation. If the winds are just right he might even play his Native American Flute for you.