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Employment Opportunities

AOW’s vast array of activities provides plenty of work opportunities for uniquely qualified, responsible individuals. Our family-oriented business environment is clean and healthy, fast paced and never without a challenge. Being on the AOW team is a rewarding, if not challenging, job opportunity. Our employees become family and the team grows stronger each year as we add more characters to the mix.  A wide variety of Jobs are available, from guiding and piloting to sales and support staff. Each role is equally important in keeping the wheels turning. All employees are expected to pitch in on all aspects of the company if asked. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork.

The characteristics of a person who does well at AOW is outgoing, maybe retired, going to school or just living the dream in Colorado. Innocent to mature, in good health, happy, friendly, positive, and spiritual. They enjoy the outdoors and are proud of where they live. They enjoy showing it off to folks who have not experienced Colorado before.

At AOW, the bulk of the work is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But the season grows longer each year and we do run tours all year around.  Guides who cross-train for a couple of jobs will likely get more work and preferential work duties. AOW is proud of the wages our employees earn. Our employees make good money, for shorter periods and keep flexibility in their lives.

AOW is an equal opportunity employer.  We are also a drug-free work environment. What you do on your own time is up to you, just don’t bring it work. Any worker’s comp injuries or guest accidents will be drug tested and investigated.

Guides are required to be neatly presented with clean and complete uniforms. Employees must be clean shaven or manicured.  No visible tattoos, no expanded ear-piercing holes or any other visible piercings. Long hair must be groomed, secured and of one color.  AOW understands all people come from different backgrounds and have different expectations of what is acceptable.  AOW sets its own dress code to create a well thought out and presented product.  Our activities are safety oriented, and the guides need to look like they are ready for the duty. We treat each other with respect and expect the same in return. Disrespectful or Callous employees agree to quit.

Please send us an email, call, or stop on in if you are serious about Livin’ the Dream!
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Job Positions available for 2024.

Thank you for your interest in JOINING THE AOW FAMILY!

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Most of the hiring is done in March-May. Scattered positions open up throughout the year.

Colorado Jeep and Shuttle Guides

Wanted: Outgoing and responsible Cowboys and Cowgirls with clean driving records. Applicant must be over the age of 25, no felonies, and must pass a physical. Applicant should be able to drive a standard transmissions but not required.  Applicants with local knowledge of Colorado Springs and its history will be given preference in hiring. Jeep tours are casually paced, scenic sightseeing activities. The more you know, and the better you entertain, the better the whole experience will be for you and the guest.  To pass our guide history test please purchase your own copy of, Newport in the Rockies, by Marshal Sprague.

Newport in the Rockies, Marshall Sprague | 9780804008990 | Boeken |

AOW also run shuttle busses and activity transfers.  We are looking for people who enjoy airconditioned driving with less entertainment requirements.  This is a great summer time position for school bus drivers.

Jeep Guides are required to dress Western. An AOW logoed vest will be provided, and guide is required to provide and wear cowboy boots, cowboy cut jeans, western shirt and cowboy shirt. This is Western- based entertainment and hospitality, and guides are expected to oblige (To Insure Proper Service, tip your hat to increase your, TIP). Gratuities are a large percentage of your pay.

Jeep guides is a mostly seasonal position. We are hiring both part time and full time guides.  You will be very busy from Memorial Day to Labor Day and the shoulder seasons are getting busier each year and we do run tours year round.  Tour shifts are from 3 to 10 hours long. Guides are responsible for vehicle preparation and tour delivery. Training is provided. Pay is by the hour and usually includes a guest gratuity. Average with TIP is $20.00-$30.00 hr.

People who succeed at AOW give great adventures and are well compensated by their guests.   Gratuities can double your pay, if not more.  We also provide an hourly rate to fill in the gaps.  Expect to make $30-40 an hour once you develop your skill.  CDL drivers qualify for 10% wage increase..

Zipline Guides

Wanted: People who like to soar!  Our zipline operation has several different positions with different employment criteria.  Applicant must be outgoing and  responsible. The more you know and better you entertain, the better the whole experience will be for you and the guest.

An AOW guide shirt will be provided. Guides must supply their own approved gloves, khaki pants and or shorts.

Zipline guide – 18 and over.  Applicants with mountaineering, guiding or outdoor recreation experience will be given preference in hiring. This is a seasonal position, 3-5 days a week, Memorial day to Labor Day. We stay fairly busy through the Fall and Spring providing additional work opportunities. Winter is our slow season but we do offer tours year round. Guides are responsible for safely and courteously leading guests through the Zipline experience. Guides assist guests in check in, putting on harnesses and helmets and then leading the zipline tour, physically attaching and removing guests from the zipline. This is a very physical job.   Local knowledge and a good sense of humor are beneficial. Tall people find it easier to remove the guests from the zipline and all guides get big muscles and a nice suntan.

Average $22.00-$30.00hr with tips.

Zipline Driver – 23 and over.  The zipline course has an adventurous 3 minute 4×4 drive above the check in cabin.  Drivers need to have a clean driving record and slow driving disposition.  $20.00-$25.00hr with tips + a driver bonus.

Photo Positions – 15 and older.  A good eye and a love of suntans is required for this job.  Pay includes commissions on the photo sales. Average $15-$20hr

Retail and other General support positions are also available.  Young adults 15 and up can help facilitate tour prep, customer service, retail and photo sales but cannot lead tours.  This is a great position to get on the team and be prepared for future tour duties.  Starting pay is at minimum wage.

Balloon Crew

Ballooning is adventure you’ll never forget. Early morning people catch the worm and then go on to do other work. Strong backs, heavy lifting and dirt on the clothes are the norm. Chasing the gentle giants is great fun on the Colorado Plains. No experience is necessary for this position. Flights are lead by a licensed balloon pilot who is responsible for the flight. Flight team consists of a pilot, vehicle driver and a couple crew members. AOW uniform crew shirt will be provided. Applicants must provide khaki work pants and gloves.

Chase Crew Driver applicants must be over the age of 25 and have a clean driving record. Experience pulling trailers is helpful.  Chase Driver is responsible for driving the chase rig during the flight.  Chase driver may also be involved in passenger pick up and other duties. A typical balloon experience lasts 3 to 4 hours.  Pay is $16.00 per hr. plus tips.

Crew Member applicants must be at least 14 years of age and have reliable transportation for early morning shifts, 5:00am. Crew members assist the pilot in assembling and packing up the hot air balloon. Pay is by the hour and typical time is 3 hours. Starting pay is at minimum wage plus tips.  Avg tip $20.00-$40.00 per crew.

Segway Guides

Glide right on through the summer with AOW at Garden of the Gods. Being a Segway Guide is not for everyone. Guiding a Segway tour also includes training the rider in the proper use of the machines. Applicants with previous coaching experience make great guides. Tours are offered year-round at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center.  An AOW uniform shirt is provided. guides must wear khaki shorts or pants.

Typical duties include greeting guests and setting up the training zone. Guides are also asked to help with the general parking lot operations at the Visitors Center.  The guide will train each customer on the use of the Segway. Segway Tour Training will be provided to the applicant. Guide will SAFELY lead tours of 1 to 2 hours in length.  Days can be long in the hot sun.

This is our highest risk activity for both guides and guests. Guides need to be very thorough in their duties. Basic first aid is mandatory.  Our Segway guides definitely have the best tans at the end of the summer. Pay is by the hour plus tip and commission.  Average hourly pay is $25.00 to $35.00 per hour including tips.

Bike Guides

Straight to the top of Pikes Peak for this thrilling job at AOW.  Everyone has ridden a bike but that doesn’t mean everyone can.  Bike tours at AOW run from the top of Pikes Peak at 14,115′, to the Railroad Tunnels of Gold camp rd. and streets and parks in Colorado Springs. AOW offers E-bikes and traditional bike rides to its guests.  Training, riding and basic Maintenace is part of the job.  Reading your guest and going slow are the keys to success.   An AOW uniform shirt is provided. guides must dress for the adventure.

Typical duties include greeting guests and setting up the bikes. Guide will SAFELY lead tours of 3-4 hours in length.  Days can be long in the hot sun.

This is one of our highest risk activities for both guides and guests. Guides need to be very thorough in their duties. Basic first aid is mandatory.  Our Bikes guides  have the biggest legs at the end of the summer. Pay is by the hour plus tip and commission.  Average hourly pay is $20.00 to $30.00 per hour including tips.

Sales and Office Staff

Not all work is in the field at AOW. The back-room scene provides the foundation of a successful tour outing. From tour booking to scheduling, marketing and logistics the AOW HQ never shuts down. Full time and part time seasonal positions are available at the AOW HQ and at the Garden of the Gods Visitors and Nature Center Activities Desk. Fast paced on the fly decisions are made daily. Applicants need to be able to coordinate bookings and tour schedules at the same time. Customer service is number one and we strive to accommodate all needs in a timely fashion. Closely coordinated teamwork is the norm and expected.

AOW office staff typical duties include phone answering, Q and A customer service for the guest. Reservation booking and tour guide scheduling and coordination. Well thought out decisions will need to be made. Experience in customer service and reservations is given preferential treatment in hiring. Money handling and credit card authorization is part of the job. Office hours in the summer are 7:00am to 7:00pm. Starting pay is at minimum wage plus sales commission.

GOGNVC Activities Desk staff typical duties include customer service Q and A. Tour booking and scheduling of the activities offered at Garden of the Gods. Desk attendant will have a money drawer to balance each day. Close coordination with the AOW HQ is essential is creating a seamless operation for the customer and guides at AOW. Activity desk hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm. Starting pay is at minimum wage plus guide tip out.