Frequently asked questions

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How far should I book in advance? Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are recommended for all tours, as they often sell out. Ziplines, Garden of the Gods Jeep tours, and Segways can be booked on a walk-up basis.

Generally, a week or more in advance is sufficient to secure a space. If you need a very particular time, or if you have a large group, then please reserve further ahead.

What if I have to cancel?
Adventures Out West offers a 24-hour cancellation policy on all tours of less than 10 people. For over 10 guests, it becomes a 1-week cancelation policy.

You can cancel your reservation for any reason at least 24-hours before the departure to get a full refund. Tours will not be refunded within 24-hours of the departure time.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! You will receive a 10% discount on the second adventure that you book with us. AOW also offers a 10% retuning guest discount on most tours.

Military members receive 20% off of most tours, excluding the hot air balloon flights and the Jeep & Horse tour.

Discounts are only offered over the phone, so please call to book.

Who is your ideal guest?

AOW’s ideal guest reads all the info about their adventure on the website, books in advance, shows up on time at the right location, and leaves a good review. 

These guests are so wonderful!

Do you often show up late or need special attention? Please book a private tour so that we can accommodate your needs. 

Where do we meet for the tours?
Please click here to see map links to the various locations. Depending on the tour that you book, the meeting point will change.

The Jeep tours offer complementary pickup from certain hotels. Please call the office to discuss pickup options.


How many people go in each Jeep?
Most vehicles can hold 5 adults plus a child in the middle seats. The brand-new Gladiator builds can hold up to 9 and 10 guests each! Bring on the big families! The fleet of Jeeps can accommodate more than 100 guests, so groups are welcome!

Adventures Out West is persistently creating new vehicles and styles with our in-house fabricator and mechanic. From classic scramblers to modern marvels, you are guaranteed to get a sweet ride.

Gladiator Tour Jeep Seating 

Follow AOW on Facebook to see what we’ll come up with next…coming Spring of 2023!

Do I get the Jeep to myself?
Individuals and families may be mixed together into one vehicle, depending on the size. This is the perfect chance to make new friends! Forget the awkward experience you had on the airplane; these people are just like you, adventure lovers that are ready for a good time experiencing Colorado.

Do you prefer a private experience? Just ask about the charter Jeep tours. This allows for flexibility in time, departure location, and ensures that it’s just your group in the vehicle.

Can I bring food or drinks?

Each Jeep is stocked with waters and light snacks, including things like granola bars, fruit snacks, nuts, etc. You are welcome to bring any additional food item that you’d like. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed.  

Do the tours stop for pictures?
Every tour has some stops. This will vary largely depending on your adventure. Please use the bathroom before you depart.

– Garden of the Gods & Foothills tour stops at the GOG Trading Post and, if there’s parking, at Helen Hunt Waterfall. There are no stops in the park since traffic is continuous and parking is limited.

– Pikes Peak or Bust tour stops at the summit of the mountain to see the brand-new visitor center, plus at several lookout points along the way. There are a number of spectacular mountain reservoirs on the route.

– High Country tour stop at the Old Stage Riding Stables for a bathroom break, then at St. Peter’s Dome and Windy Point for some of the best pictures you’ll ever take.

Hot air balloon

How many people fit in each basket?

10 is the maximum number of people in one hot air balloon basket. There are 4 passenger compartments that each hold 2 or 3 people.
The maximum weight for the largest hot air balloon is 1650 lbs.
Does your group have more than 10 guests? Please call the office to check availability for a second pilot.

How long is the flight?

The total ‘airtime’ is usually between 45-minutes to an hour. Hot air balloon flights are totally dependent on the winds, so the total flight time is dictated by the landing zones available.
The entire activity takes 3 to 4-hours. That time includes the set up and balloon inflation, takeoff, the flight over Colorado Springs, landing, then a champagne toast and breakfast while the crew is packing up the balloon, and finally the drive back to your vehicle.

Is there a weight limit? What about kids?

250 lbs. is the maximum weight. Please call the AOW office to discuss, if you are over the limit.

The side of the basket is 46 inches tall, so you must be able to get in and out on your own.

Similarly, kids should be over 46 inches tall (3′ 10″) in order to see over the side. 


Can I take items (phone, sunglasses, etc.) on tour with me? Will I need them?
You can bring whatever you’d like; however, bring personal items at your risk. If your glasses stay on as you lean over and shake your head, they should be fine. We also sell a band to keep them from falling off. You’re welcome to bring your phone and take pictures/video, and even hold it in your hand. Otherwise, we recommend a pocket that closes to keep it from falling. Backpacks can be worn over your harnesses but tours last less than two hours, and you likely won’t need it. Water is available on our course at the beginning, middle and end of the tour. Most guests find they don’t want to carry a bottle as they zip.
Is it possible for someone with a handicap to zipline?
Absolutely! We’ve taken several blind or deaf participants.

If a guest has a prosthetic leg, they should have no problem walking our zipline course as long as they can climb stairs with the prosthetic limb.

Unfortunately, guests that use a wheelchair won’t be able to go. There is a short hike or walk between each of our ziplines

The guides do all of the connecting, braking, and disconnecting from the lines

Please let us know ahead of time, and we can help make everyone’s experience better.


If my child is frightened, can we zip together?
Only one guest may be on the zip line at a time. Parents can either go across first to receive their kids on the other side or stay with them and send them off.


Do you cancel for weather?
While we do reschedule or cancel for inclement weather, our ziplines are designed to be safe in rain and snow. The weather in our area also changes rapidly, and storms can disappear quickly. Unless we call you to tell you your tour is canceled it will go as scheduled. Please call our office the day of your tours for weather questions.


How much walking is involved?
While we do walk between lines, it’s no more than a few hundred yards total.

We have two hills that are each less than 90 yards long. If you can walk up a few flights of stairs, you should be able to walk our hills.


Can someone come along to take pictures or watch?
Guests are welcome to observe if there’s room for them in our vehicle. They will need to sign a waiver but may watch and take pictures.

4 of the 5 lines are visible, and the 5th can be accessed via a short hike.


What are the age and weight requirements?

All children must be at least 6 years of age and over 40 pounds.

Adults need to be under 250 pounds and no one pregnant.

All guests will be discreetly weighed at check-in. The result is only visible to the employee running the check-in.


Is it possible to bring our dog on the tour?
AOW loves furry friends but recommends that you leave your dog behind. Dogs aren’t allowed on the tour, and the guides are not able to watch them.



Do you run in all types of weather?

Segway tours only operate in 45 degrees or warmer. Please call the AOW office and keep an eye on the weather forecast if you are booking during the winter. 

Heavy rain, lightning, and ice will also cancel the tour. Your guide is responsible for making all weather decisions, so please call the office or talk to your guide on-site if you have and questions. 

Do we get a guide or go by ourselves?

All tours are guided adventures. You will be trained how to use the Segway in the parking lot before hitting the trail.

The majority of the route is on the bike lane through the park, so please listen closely to your tour guide for safety instructions.

During the stop points, you will get to hear all about Garden of the Gods and Colorado, including the history, geology, flora, and fauna.


Do I need to be an expert bike rider?
No, but being comfortable and confident with basic operations of a bike is vital. If you have any concerns you are welcome to stop in prior to your experience to do a test ride and consult with the bike manager.
What ages are appropriate for your tours?
12 years old is the minimum age.
All guests must be at least 4’8 and be confident on a bike. No beginner riders.
Do you run in all types of weather?
The tour will often be cancelled in the case of snow, ice as well and thunder and lightning. Weather impacts Pikes Peak more than Gold Camp. Cancellations are left up to the guide running the tour, so please call to discuss the weather if you have any concerns.
What should I wear?
The temperature at the summit of PIkes Peak is usually 20 to 40 degrees colder than Colorado Springs. For Gold Camp the temperature is generally a bit cooler by about 10 degrees.
AOW provides the bikes, helmets, reflector vests, coats, and gloves, so please bring your own hats, warm pants, and additional layers. You can take off additional layers at the stop points along the decent. Somes tours can be below freezing at the top, then 85 degrees back at the base.
Closed-toed shoes are required.
Water will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Camelback-type backpacks are particularly useful.
Go-Pro cameras are also great for bike tours. The best mounting points are on the handlebars or your helmet.
Is there a weight limit?
The limit is 250 lbs. for a standard bike, and for your safety.
However, our XXL bike can handle athletic participants up to 300 pounds. Please call the AOW office to talk with an expert who will help you determine if this is the right adventure for you.
The XXL bike fits people who are 6’3 and taller. This is an intense bike ride that can be physically demanding. While the majority of the ride is downhill, there are some uphill segments and some light technical riding.
Please also make the team aware if there are any medical conditions that might prevent you from having a successful and fun adventure, and a smooth transition of care should there be a wipeout.
What kind of bikes do you have?
We offer new Specialized bikes such as the Specialized Rockhopper and the Specialized Fuse. These are perfect for our tours offering 1×9 drivetrains and hydraulic brakes. Please call the office if you’re interested in more information or visit the Specialized website to check ’em out yourself!
What's the difference between Gold Camp and Pikes Peak?
They are completely separate, yet different experiences, however most participants would say they are equal in thrills. Pikes Peak begins at 14,114 feet and the ride is entirely on pavement. The Pikes Peak tour is structured for safety. Gold Camp is both on dirt and pavement and begins in the Colorado backcountry. Gold Camp offers the opportunity to go as fast or slow as you want and even offers a brief technical section if you are up for the challenge. In the end both tours are fantastic and are sure to exceed your expectations. Can’t decide? Do both.
When does the season start and end?

The season usually begins in mid-April and runs until the first snowfall sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Call for availability around these times. Tours are still available year-round, but they are very dependent on the weather.