Rainbow Falls Experience

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Family in Waterfall in Colorado near Pikes Peak in colorado Springs

Rainbow Falls Experience

Free Park

Explore Colorado Waterfall, Rainbow Falls at Pikes Peak.  This hidden gem is in Manitou Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak.  The historic waterfall is located on the Great Unconformity fault line beneath a giant bridge.  Explore this natural geologic and engineering feat that is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. 


Historical Photo of Rainbow Falls        

Today you can explore the area and dip your toes in the creek.

A gentle walk leads the way to the falls along the cascading Fountain River.

Picnic tables and limited seating is available.









The cool waters are ionized in the spray and offer a free healing effect.

A visit to the falls can be as quick as 30 minutes or a half day.  Plan to linger and relax, bring a lunch or a book and stay at the base of Rainbow Falls as you explore Colorado Waterfall Rainbow Falls at Pikes Peak.

A break from reality….must have been the Ions:)

Eric W

Rainbow Falls Park and Ride

The Rainbow Falls Park and Ride is a public private partnership between Adventures Out West and El Paso County Parks. The paid parking has been established in order to open the falls and to help create a sustainable funding source.  Without this partnership the falls would remain closed due to dangerous site conditions.  The limited parking at the Falls is reserved for ADA visitors.  ADA parking reservations can be made by calling the parks department directly at 719-520-6977.  All other parking it is at the Rainbow Falls Park Ride located at

101 Higgenbotham rd. Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Visitors to the falls are discouraged from walking on the very narrow and dangerous Serpentine rd.  The Park and Ride is a private parking lot.

Cost for parking and shuttle ride is $20.00 per car

The 13-passenger shuttle runs continuously from 9:00am to 4:00pm Friday, Sat and Sun.  Last ride to falls departs at 3:30pm.

Parking reservations can be made online in advance or paid onsite by cash or credit card.

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Well, that was easy and beautiful adventure.

Kelly C