Adventure Shorts...Fly, Ride, Glide, Explore

Un-patented technology for unconventional comfort.


AOW Adventure Shorts, Private Collection…..Authentic Colorado!

Made in Colorado Springs by true locals, the Adventure Short is changing the way our culture plays.  Honed through years of research, the Adventure short is a must have item in every outdoorsmen bivy.  The short adds a level of refinement a traditional short can’t.  “I wear my shorts year round and my wife tolerates them, so you know they must be good.”


foothills jeep tour - Cheyenne Canyon Colorado Springs

The Tailored

A Heavy weight short for all your winter needs.   The short adds an extra layer of protection to keep your bum warm on the chairlift.  Or loose the capelin and just wear the short to let your knees breath on those beautiful spring days.  Our unpatented technology provides the perfect balance between Winter Blues and the Spring Fling.

The tailored cut allows you to take the Adventure Short out in public.  Adventure Shorts are as at home on the Golf Course as they are in the lodge and you can pick your kids up at school too.

Windproof, Water Resistant and Soft to the touch, you will wear this short everyday your girl will let you. 

  • Not recommended for days above 60 degrees.
  • Secure pockets hold your goods while you shop or kick back on the deck
  • Great for people who wear knee braces.
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For Serious Adventurers Only!


foothills jeep tour - Cheyenne Canyon Colorado Springs

Swim Suit

A swim suit that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The suit is made from a mid weight fleece and provides multiple advantages over traditional wears.  Imagine the cool winter air crisping on your fanny as you walk to the pool.  The Adventure Short provides warmth and protection from the elements on your journey to the hot spring.  And once in the spring, the soft fleece provides a surprising and welcoming layer of protection against the sharp rocks or cold swimming pool coping.

During the summer months the suit works just as well.  Our proprietary unpatented technology provides an unexpected cooling effect when out of the pool on Hot Summer Days.

Windproof, Water Resistant and Soft to the touch, you will never go to the pool in a traditional board short ever again.

  • Unique fly closure design
  • Reflector to warn traffic while crossing the roadway to your favorite hotspring
  • Secure room key/ credit card pocket
  • Cargo accessory pocket

Buy Now $52.00  

For Serious Adventurers Only.


foothills jeep tour - Cheyenne Canyon Colorado Springs

OG Fleece

Give credit where credit is due.  This is the original short design reimagined as purchased out of a the back of a truck 25 years ago. 








A comfy pair shorts for bumming around the house and can also be used as an under layer.  The deep plush fleece is soft for snuggling by the fire.  The wide elastic boxer waist provides an uninhibited fit.  These shorts are so accommodating you will find yourself embarrassing your kids because you wore them to the store.

Not Windproof, Not Water Resistant but they are Soft to the touch.  This will be your go to outfit around the house.  

  • Cargo Pocket
  • Elastic Waist Band
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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We guarantee you are going to love your Adventure Shorts. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Adventure Shorts please send them back for a full refund.

Please contact AOW for information on purchasing Adventure Shorts.